I am not an English Speaking person meaning that my first language is not English 🙂 excuse me! if you see some grammatical errors but, even though I want to share my experience with the world whatsoever!

Shipliving.blog is here for you to share your onboard living and working experience with the World , same as I am doing right now, I know for fact that, a lot of people have no idea how it is to live and work on a ship, here in Shipliving.blog  to fill in the gaps. This is an open forum or blog where we can speak out our experiences and further speciation’s, hence I know is not easy to do it while working on board the ship or even worse when you and your family depend on it. Here you can anonymously express your self and let the world knows about your feeling, so join me and, let’s spread the word to let people know about it, better yet to give them a better idea on how hard or easy it is, nevertheless to also show them how they can improve their carrier once they join this amazing adventure.

Here at shipliving.blog we’re more than happy to share our experiences and we would love to read your to be shared with US in this blog as well.

What are you waiting for?, share yours with us!

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