Covid-19 and crew currently onboard

Hello my fellow co-worker and to all over the world crew members.

I know that, this is a very difficult time we’re all going through, I am certainly onboard the ship just like plenty of you are, stucked. Majority of us welling to go home, hence, is frustrating being isolated by your own for such long time, as you may know this is new for all us. Hope is what keep us and, our family positive that, this will get to an end and, good things are waiting for us ahead. I know there is a lot of speculations all over the social media saying the cruise companies are not doing anything and they are irresponsible and so many other things but, I know the majority of us are thankful of being taking care of by our company who is/are constantly giving us updates on what’s happening and what they are doing to get us home safe. Be mindful and think that we are not the only one going through this pandemic, they also are. Same as everyone all over the world and maybe you/we don’t know they provably had someone who had been affected by this horrible virus COVID-19 and died. Meaning they are also going through a difficult time in their personal lives as we all are, however, they are still trying their best as a responsible companies to provide us with all we need (food, toilet tries, water, medical facility, etc, etc. ) to the best of their ability. I want yo ask you, DON’T believe everything you see, read or hear in the social media, check your country news updates and CDC website’s updates, confirm everything before you can actually judge the company you/we have been working for such long time, for companies who pave placed food on our table for so long time for our love ones and, for something that is actually affecting the entire world we can not just jump and blame them for it.

Personally I think at least the Company I work for , they are taking a good care of us and, trying their very best to get us home safe to be with our love ones.

Thank you, take care be safe and stay healthy.

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