Ship’s crew affected due to (COVID-19)


Now with Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting almost the whole World a lot of crew members of course are affected in a way that, they are left home for longer period of time due to such business industry gets hit with less guests cruising due to the same reason” COVID-19” people is afraid of getting ills and of course they want to be in good health and canceling future vacation can be one them hence that, it does not become a priority per say.

So let’s talk about these crewmembers that are left home for longer period of time:

These crew members have no job back home because of course they have a board the ships’ job which they have to return to.

Are these crew members’ employers providing them with some kind of benefits? So this crew member can provide their family at least with the daily bread “ NO”,  they are not, so what about if anyone of this crew members gets  the COVID-19 while on vacation and die, are the family getting any support from the late employee’s employer? “NO”.  So what about If a family of this employee such as son/daughter, mother/father, spouse die due to the same COVID-19, does the company provide them with some benefits for at least the employee to deal with process and so on, “NO” right, and all question that you could ask in regards it’s probably going to be, NO, NO, NO, so my point is; these crew members  are left home, by their own not having in mind their needs and mostly families’ needs which is the main reason why a crew member leave their country and family behind “ families own good “ but, I think these employees deserve some kind of support from their employers to which the crew member is loyal to because they keeps on coming back contact after contract without  failure. But that’s only my thought and wish for them. I can only imagine how these employees that were supposed to join the ships some time back and have not been able to because they have been denied due to the COVID-19 which is   understandable the reason behind it but, please also understand /think the needs of your employees.

Thank you for reading!

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