Onboard expectations

Working on ships gives you a lot of unexpected experiences to compile that, you can actually share with your love ones or even friends. Being a crew member has it’s goods and it’s bad, however, none of this takes away the fact that we’re there to perform a job, yes; you are a crew member, an employee and provably that’s the only reason why you are onboard because other than that you would not leave your family even dough there are some crew members who are onboard for other reasons such as;  to know different parts of the World without having any extra expenses , some others are looking to perfection their English language for their personal reasons and so on but, we are onboard because we have been hired and the Company we’ve chosen to work for is expecting nothing but the best of each one of us.

Companies are very has become very picky when it comes to selecting a crew member reason why, when they do select someone to work onboard they do believe they have made a very good decision.

NOW; I know in some countries there are a lot of more requirements than others when it comes to hire someone to work onboard the ships, however, this is actually due to the country’s requirement most likely and, the Company needs to comply with it in order to be able to recruit someone from its place.

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