I started working on ships 10+ years, however, when I start to compare that time when I decided to start this career working onboard and now, I have noticed that, there no changes for better for employees/crew members in fact, has either stayed the same or even changes for worst, from my point of view.

You would ask why?

Well one of reasons and provably the main one is that, there are a lot of crew members out there still afraid of speaking out. Why? I could say that one of the reasons is because they are afraid to lose their jobs, afraid to leave their family without the daily bread, good or better school education for their kids, etc., etc., etc…again Why would they lose their job if they speak out? Well companies kind of indirectly threaten crew members that they will lose their job if they do so” Not using literally those words however that’s what it is when you translate it.” e.g. (1); If I tell you you’re free to report any issue to the upper management and even to the Company’s Owner, however, when you do so and your name pops up, you immediately notice a kind of retaliation is being taking placed against you, from the minimum mistake you make that, provably someone has already made before as well but, because of you reported me I am taking that mistake, to take disciplinary action against you and provably get you fired, just because you reported something that you did not think is right or something that you didn’t like, simple as that. e.g. (2): If I tell you, it is in my Zero tolerance policy that if you go above this working hours (eg10hrs) discipline action will be taken up to losing your job, nevertheless you have to work until all the assigned job is completed, and believe me is not 1,2 or tasks to be completed within the required working hours, if you go over with one or 2 hours then I will come to you asking, why?, which is fine for you to answer, however, I do not accept the excuse instead I tell you not to enter all the work hours in the respective working hours tools due to violation in working hours regulations but, I worked it, yes you did but, do not log it for the reasons that we already know…WAHTTTTTT????

This above are only 2 examples and probably the most commons ones, I know that, a lot of crew members work more that the hours they are supposed to but, they are going to come forward due to the reasons previously mentioned. They do not have enough rest, yet they have to return early for duty again, there is no enough free time to rest neither to chat/call their love ones (Family, which is the reason why most of us are on board) Am I right?

I am taking my risk wring this blog post but, I have to get this out of my chest little by little…

If there is anything would you like to add to this, please leave your comments.

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