Did you ever think this?

I am quite sure that, you like me and others, when we started working on ships our first thought was “well I will work for 5 years the most” and then will go back home and start my  something on my own such as a business or any other project, you know what; I think these is what most of us “crew members” think when we all start our 1st contract, however, after worse it’s like an addiction.. We keep on returning over and over, contact after contracts, am I right?

What is the reason why? I have pointed out some questions below: help me out to answer them, ok.

  1. Is it because we haven’t accomplished our goal?
  2. Is it because of money?
  3. Is it because you like to live & working onboard ships?
  4. Is it because you like the onboard food?
  5. Is it because you miss the on board friendships?
  6. Is it because you love living on the water/seas?
  7. Is it because when you’re home you feel that, you’re missing something?
  8. Is it because you love traveling and visit different part of the world without any expenses?
  9. Is it because you just like to be away from home for some time?
  10. If not, what is it then? Give us some feedback for better understanding.

The above are some of the questions that come to my mine and I would like to hear your thoughts and comment’s.

Thank you all!

shipliving.blog crew

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  1. Geozzle Roseme says:

    love traveling without the expenses but on the other hand feel like missing home most of the time, without forgetting we have to help our loves ones, and sometimes it’s not like we do really have a 2nd option so we stick to it until an opportunity has been shown or something change

    1. Carlos says:

      Thanks a lot Roseme

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