Working and living on ships

Working and living on ships is a live changing experience:

1st if you have a family, hence I mean wife and kids, you have to leave them behind because of course you can’t take them with you, your kid/s will grow and you won’t even notice due to you’re not there to see them grow but, that’s life and it is what it is a friend told me once.

2nd When you get on board you notice the culture diversity on board and you have to adjust yourself to it, because of the different nationalities which actually make the ships a unique place to work on.

3rd You get to know so many places almost every part of world, I would say most of the Continents if you get lucky to be transferred to different ship’s locations as I have been, this one actually makes the 1st one worth a bit, hence nothing take away love of family and the fact that you’ll be missing them more and more wishing they would be with you in thin journey.

4th So many of these nationalities have a very remarkable and unique personality and incomparable values for life and respect to others that, at the same time you learn how to appreciate more what you have and also help you to get what you don’t. I would say these values are transmitted in their blood from their ancestors, coming from long time back.

5th The fact that you work on ship and you’re not able to see your family other than by chat or video call it makes this job hard and sometimes worthless , nevertheless it provides you with an affordable better living for them and for yourself.


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