Thank you

Me as a ship’s crew member and being onboard the ship working, instead of being with your family and kids sharing what I call the best time of the Year, is actually something that it brings down my spirit and enthusiasm a bit, however, I do thank the company that I actually work for because at some point they understand that, crew members are away from their love ones and “ The ship’s Company “ try their very best to make this season as pleasant as possible for everyone onboard. Companies start promoting Christmas activities for crew trying to engage them amongst each other’s and make the feeling go away, hey I know the feeling remains but, is good to recognize that fact they do try to make us feel comfortable during this special time of the Year.

Now, we can help this Companies make it better by providing feedback of what your speciation’s are as to what activities and food would you like to see during the Christmas season available for crew.

You can do so by leaving your comments here.

Thank you all and Happy Holidays to all!

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