How is it working on ships?

How is it working on ships?

Working on a cruise ship may seem like a dream job, however, workers complain of the awful food they are/were given, while guests on top deck receive a silver service, it turns out that cruise workers don’t get their hands on the same delicious food that’s offered up to the holiday-makers.. But despite of this, the opportunity to travel to over 75 countries often outweighed all of the downsides of the job. While the pay cheque may be small and the accommodation even smaller but, getting to see the world that makes the job worth it for most cruise ship workers.

Once a friend of mine said: “It’s great to have a secure, semi-long term “”position”” job while traveling the world with people from practically all over the World.”

It’s true for some workers is all just about getting to know the world, people, etc., however, for most of them is about getting enough money to support their love ones, which I would say is actually the majority of ship’s workers. Some positions gets better living conditions than other including working hours and so on, so for those I would say is most likely about travelling the world but, the rest which is the majority as mentioned before it’s not.

I would like to hear histories, experiences from my followers…

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