Did you know?

Did you know?

Since the Christmas day ends, ship’s Companies Senior employee’s management immediately engages on preparing everything for the crew members to feel the big  ” NEW YEAR “celebration even dough we are far from our love ones.

Me as a crew member, I really appreciate such dedication and effort they put to get things done well and, I do also understand that, even they are Senior management and so, they are far from their love ones as well and also missing them, however, they still have or feel the responsibility to make everyone else happy on board this is a fact.

There is not much more to say but, a lot hear from our fellow crew, please share your thoughts!

Fellow crew member please take only one second and say THANK YOU to those who actually make things happen for you and your fellow crew, no matter how they are feeling inside also, having in mind that, they also are” Human Being”

Thank you all for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!


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