Crew member value

It is funny how there is always a talk about all the Values of a Company only to find out that no one in authority actually follows  the same, instead they try to impress upon the lower echelons of staff.

I think that, for you same as me during my time working on board it has been challenging and at time you notice that it doesn’t matter how hard to have been working the negative remarks don’t stop coming and at times when your contract ends and you get your appraisal or evaluation the only thing the Manager is mentioning are the negative stuff, ” was there anything positive one during my contract” so , why didn’t I get dismiss? something I must have being doing right, however, whatever it is , is not mentioned in my appraisal, why?

It’s also depressing how the officers expect you to greet and smile and when you do it to them there is no answer in most cases and you notice the lack of acknowledgement from their end, yet they complain that the crew ( regular crew ) are not greeting or smiling..Really ?

Another thing is the promote fairness on promotion on board. When applying for a new position so many obstacles are placed within you, that this actually discourage you to continue giving the fact and the negative impact caused upon you.

Due to the number of people on board ships there are high chances or ego clashes and dissatisfaction among crew members reason why is important to avoid certain topics to be discuss it is also important to enhance interpersonal relationship between crew members to ensure that all jobs are done smoothly and in a safety manner.

Hey fellows I would go on and on however I want to hear your thoughts. 


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