Thinking out of the box

With all my time working on board cruise ships I have encountered multiple challenges that actually helped me to think out of the box.

How is that?

Well when you have a boss that he pretend to be a perfectionist. I used the word pretend because he/she is only perfectionist in regards of your job, however, when you look into their role and responsibilities, they are a mess… YES a mess, nothing is fixed/arranged as a perfectionist needs to have it, so that made me think that when someone is your boss is not that they actually know more than you but, they have the right certifications even dough they do not have the experience.

Why? Because the experience is gain with time. Is then when I started taking courses online to get my certifications too, imagine you, with the experience and then on top of that you have the right or required certifications, then you don’t have to deal with those tedious opportunists bosses.

So think off the box you as well and good luck in your future, great things awaits you.

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