On Board Couple Request Disappointment!

It’s very disappointing when you meet someone on board and you know is the love of your live and is that someone you want to be with no matter what but, on board when you go the person/officer who is suppose to help you and request a couple registration  to have that someone at your side always and so on, the same officer turns both of you down by saying NO, you’re not eligible to be as couple because you do not posses any document to validate you as such. Remember we’re on the ship and how are we going to get that kind of validation if we’re working and can go off the ship only for certain amount of time, however if you bring them any kind of paper that has both of your names on it they will accept no matter if it’s true or false.

I met that someone and we even have a baby girl together ” beautiful one by the way 🙂 and not even so we’re allowed because we have no marriage certificate, tell me who in the hell would go and say this is my child if it’s not his/hers? and that officer has the guts to tell me how do I know it’s yours, is very much disappointing how rules are applied so strictly to certain ranks or positions on board and discouraging when you are trying to do something using the correct way and you can’t get it done, always because of….

I could go on but I’ll allow you to give your opinion and comments in regards!

Thanks !


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