Monkey Business?

When working on ships you learn a lot or different words and terms, slang languages and so on.
One of those words is monkey business.
Monkey Business: These terms defines itself as when you manage something for your convenience/benefit only and, not for the well being of others/team. Or only when you are helping or doing something for someone for your own interest. Is also when you help other person trying to get something in return and when you treat someone different from the others looking to have something in return as well.
A lot of explanations come to me when the word monkey business is mentioned.
This term is originated from the word “Monkeyshine “This word was coined in 1832 and meant “disreputable behavior”.
One of the Synonyms that can be used for this word is muck about, muck around. Interesting to say that, I have learn this word while working on ships only and, people use it also to jock with friends and so on.

Now do you have anything that comes to your mine when you hear monkey business? Share with us.

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