Working on-board accomplishments

Good Day All,

As the title of these blog post states: Working On Board Accomplishments” there are a lot of crew members who have accomplished their dreams while working on board, we know that not everyone’s dream is same.

Some crew members have build their house some have created their own business some have given their children the best education they have never had the opportunity to get and so on the list goes longer if I start mention them all however whatever their dreams were they made it come true reason why the thank the Company that gave them the opportunity to accomplish such things.

I do recognize that a lot of us has to sacrifice something to get something unless you are one of this dude ” Rich Of Cradle ”  then we wouldn’t had the need to work as a crew member 🙂

By the way my point is that thanks to the opportunity given by such Companies crew member are are given the accomplish their dreams , so thank you for that and please keep on finding ways to give the opportunity of their life thou despite we are on board as everyone else we have challenge to face… Thanks again!


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