Crew positivism

Crew member likes to start the morning with a nice sip of coffee even dough is not so tasty it actually awake  and warm your body for the morning start. Crew members are much enthusiastic and looking forward to see what is the day going to be, what challenges to learn from? or how busy it will be today? Etc.

We and I said we because I’m a crew member as well, we as crew members love having a day start with a positive attitude hopping no one spoil it for the entire day and further more for the entire contract 🙂

It’s so amazing to see so much crew members around the ship smiling since morning starts hence I am one of them 🙂 it actually brights your day with positive energy.. This energy is transmitted to others without even noticing.

Companies does care about crew being positive and enthusiastic although it’s the best face to be shown to a guest!

Thanks a lot for reading!

Here is a Great Though for Great Crew members:                                                            Always End the Day With a Positive Thought. No Matter How Hard Things Were, Tomorrow’s a Fresh Opportunity to Make it Better.



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