Crew & the food on-board

It doesn’t matter how many times you go and come back on board the ships, the buffet for crew never change always same, so much so, that if you take notes before you go on vacation when you come back you will notice that it’s same all, yet we have to be thankful for having the daily bread.

When you sit down to eat with some friends you notice that what they are eating is just a bit of salad  and a piece of cake, cause the food it’s either no tasting good or not looking good at all and some times the seasoning used don’t smell that pleasant.

Do you think that someone who doesn’t get at least good food to work 12 or 13 hours a day will be doing a great job as expected from them by the Company? No right?

Why don’t we look into this matters and make crew feel appreciated at least with the food service? I know it’s a lot of nationalities to look after in regards of menu and so on however if I for example have been eating curry for 9+ years why the others nationalities can’t eat what is cooked in my country at least once, that’s being fair.

I think menu should be alternated one week for one nationality and another week a different one with some other options of course but the main menu would be one country in particular for the week , like that everyone will enjoy their food tradition and will taste each other country’s main dishes, and let me tell you that in some countries the main dish is almost same or exact the same I would say.. For example;  Middle east and Asian’s countries have same same food preferences most likely I would say that because they love spicy and curry,,  just to mention some, and like that there are many of them.

Crew member use words like ” the food sucks”, “horrible food”, “what a F…… food menu is this” and so much other no good words to describe their dis-conformity with the food, yer again we have to be thankful because we get the daily bread , but at what cost and what for if you can’t eat it anyway.

Dear fellow crew if any comment in regards , do no hesitate to leave it below and lets help each other on this matter! God Bless you all!

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