Crew Enthusiasm

Ship’s crew are very enthusiastic and I could recommend anyone who worked on board of  a ship as one of the best employee that any other Company could employ the reason being is because there is a lot of challenges that a crew member faces on a daily basis with, guests with direct supervisor, with managers and with themselves sometimes.

I takes a lot of courage for a crew member to return to work on a ship after the 1st contract which is actually the hardest one cause’ you need to adjust yourself to work with different demographics, needs to adjust to the quality of food, need to adjust to work more than what you are used to and on top of that with more pressure and higher expectations from the Company and so much more things that in occasions when you are new hire you think a lot of times to resign however your enthusiasm is so strong that does not allow you doing it, you start to think if they can why can’t I?

and that’s the real question, why? cause’ all of us on board had a 1st contract, provably one harder then other however still the 1st contract. And there are many reasons why the 1st contract could be harder for one person than others and you will know why if you already went though my old posts.

When you stop doing this of working on ship I am one person that believe you can work anywhere in the world and you will be if not the best, then one of them, cause’ working on ship beside being hard, it also teaches you a lot about service and a lot more things that you can could call you self professional on the level of servicing guests and customer care.

Anything to add?


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