Joining back the ship

Good Day All,

When joining back the ship it’s very much stressful since the count down week starts, because you starts thinking that you are leaving your family behind once again and you will have to stay from 6 to 8 months to see them again. It’s a very bad feeling when finally the day comes and you have to flight to a foreign country far from the love ones.

I stress this because I think that cruise ship’s companies should give a thought and think how hard is for a crew member to leave their family behind and then companies should implement some kind of program where the crew members have the opportunity to invite theirs families to come and visit at least once during their contract, that would be amazing for everyone, but has to be a program where the company cover the expenses and deduct it from the employee little by little so it won’t affect his/her savings for the up coming 2 or 3 months vacation time.

Believe me when I say there is a lot of crew members that would enroll to this program and will make them happy and the job will eventually be done much, much better , why? Because of the  happiness of the crew!

Remember happy crew,  happy guests!

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