Helping Crew On Vacation

When you just joined the ship , everyone is so warm welcoming you back on board, everyone is asking how was the vacation, what did you do? where did you go while on vacation? is so very nice to have so many people showing interest in your vacation and how did it go however the company it self never, never, never in 10 years that I have working on board has asked me how was your vacation?

Yes, the company did make sure to send me the flight ticket to join back the ship one moth in advance, but never took the time in asking me if anything they could do further to help me enjoy my vacation, I would say provably because most of the crew member would say ” YES ” I need more money, but I don’t think that’s a reason to not asking at first place, because even the guests while on board or off the ship the company asked them how was your vacation and the guest had compensation for some issue encountered on board still they get something more to make them happy, So why not the crew which are the one who actually could do better to stop this guest leaving unsatisfied however crew needs to be satisfied before the guest, because crew members are the one who make the guest happy ( Remember happy crew Happy guest ).

I think that those Companies should take into account that when a crew member has certain amount of time/years working with them, should be given a bit more of attention, care, treats, ETC, ETC, ETC. Cause’ end of the day if they are on board for so long is because they have been good workers cause’ other wise I assure you they wouldn’t been. Those crew members with certain amount of years while they are on vacation the Company should even offer to lend them up to US$2,000 if needed for any non planed expenses with the salvation that the same money will be deducted from their salary when on board ( not at once, but by fractions ). I do assure you a lot of crew members needs that right now, but believe for example if they ask me and I don’t need it I won’t take it because is not a gift is a loan which I have to pay and if I don’t need it there is need for me to incur in a loan. Make sense right ?

Please Ship’s companies help out the needed crew members they are away from Families and when on vacation might need your help as well.

Thanks in advance!


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