Crew treats each other like Family!


It’s great to see how crew members always help each other is like become a real thing.

When crew members go out let say a port day and a crew member is buying something and the credit card is not working or the money he/she has is not enough to pay what they are paying for I have witnessed crew member offering to assist/help to their co-workers, it’s really nice to see such attitude among them; of course the crew has to return the money borrowed however is very nice to see how they offer their help on the spot, exactly when needed.

I do think is because we all become like a family and try to help each other as well as you would do it with a family member 🙂

I have witnessed that kind of help at the airport a while back, imagine the crew member had to pay for his/her luggage but did nit have any cash only credit/debit card and that dis not work not even to withdraw money, the crew member told no worries I will pay for you and when we are back on board you will pay me back, so imagine both crew members are going on vacation and they don’t know if they will see each other again however despite of that the crew member trusted his ship’ mate and lend the money by paying for him/her.

I really loved to see that attitude.

Don’t you guys think that was a great one, being stuck at the airport makes it even better?

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