Crew & the Revenue

When a crew member decide to have a productive working day.

Crew members are the one who decide; Is it going to be a productive day? Am I going to make this day one of the best in revenue?

Are you with me?

I do believe so cause’ crew members can make revenue and a crew member may decide not to make any.

When the crew says “yes” then you’ll see that everything goes right and same thing happen but the opposite when a crew decide not to, I am saying that because I want the companies to understand better and better that crew members are the key to have good or bad revenue day, week, moth or year. All companies of course wants the best on revenue but not all the companies think that when you give a bit more on benefits to the person who actually make the selling is the best way to do so, when crew a member sees a least 0.25% more in their pay check believe me they will be more than encouraged to even make more and more next times.. That’s the reality.

Do you guys agree with me?

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