Crew Recruiting Questions ( ? )

It’s a fact that most of the on board crew members are from Asia and some other countries that are not much developed as yet, so their land base job is not so well paid yet.

Is it because that way the companies can pay less to the workers if they are coming from a less developed country?

Is it because they are better or harder worker then the ones from most developed countries?

Is it because of their culture is better to manage?

Why is it?

If you go on board any ship, you will notice the majority of crew members are from those not so much developed countries.

Is also a fact that those crew member from most developed countries working on board, are working on higher rank positions, why is that?

Is it because they are better prepared than the rest?

Is it because they would not accept any lower position/salary?

Is it because their cost of living is higher?

Why is it?

My questions above can you help me answer it? by leaving a comment.. Hopefully you can help to get better answers.

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