Crew Morning Starts

Most of the crew members the starts working time is from 06:00 or 07:00am.

I have noticed a lot crew members starts the morning with a very positive attitude, smiling, joking with fellow co-workers and so on. Even after having a very stressful day, the day before it’s just great to see such attitude.

Crew member having breakfast and quiet conversation among each other, getting ready for a fresh starts on the day to day job and planning how to complete the daily tasks. We know during the day issues might arise but the crew are so professionals that will get over it and even at that point of the day they might get a bit up-set or even frustrated due to the pressure on the job but, by the end of the day you can see everyone smiling/laughing  having a conversation about how the day went and what they accomplished.

It’s great to see such attitude in crew members having in mind that we depend from one another to keep the operation running smooth.

Thanks co-workers!

” Carlos!


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