Crew Mood

When crew members received a new assignment is a sign that his/her signing off date is approaching, even if the crew member were not so happy during their entire contract believe me after 6, 7 or 8 months when they see the sign off sign off date approaching and they get the new assignment their mood changed immediately.

It’s amazing to watch them, how happy they share that information with you so, is very nice to say WOW bro you made it and, they will automatically say thank you 🙂

Crew members become very sensitive and with small and simple words they will change the mood drastically for Good or for Bad.

Companies I believe knows that however  on board management most of the time DO NOT understand that part and the reason why is because they are in the same situation cause’ they are on board as well , same as the rest of the crew . Far from love ones. Making money but, it is what it is.

Regular crew might think that they are going trough such hard time generally speaking everyone on board is, not only because of the nature of the job but there are much more different reasons

Reasons that I would like to hear from you followers.

Can you name some reasons:

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