Crew has the Power

Crew Members have the Power…

Crew members have the power of everything and for that reason crew must always be kept happy.

Unhappy crew ( Negative Results ), meaning that there is not revenue due to an unhappy personnel so, cruise ship companies must make an effort to keep crew members happy at all times. Crew member are always looking for the opportunities to enhance their knowledge and apply it to their best of they ability and that is something that companies must look into and take advantage of it but, in order to encourage a crew member to do so, companies must give them something that they can feel appreciated for and then the crew members will feel the needs of giving better results, is actually a kind of paying back with better and positives results which is what all companies are actually looking for.

Cruise ship’s companies must apply the policy of crew member comes first, because when you make one crew member happy you have 10+ guests happy, meaning 100% of probabilities they will come back and they will also gives positive comments to all theirs siblings.

Supervisors must always have in mind that the results given by a crew member is what qualify their level of competency reason why, supervisors must always look forward and try their best of treating the crew members well, to the best of their ability and when correcting them, this must be done confidentially and with professionalism at all time.

Remember these ” Happy Crew, Happy Guests.. Better Results!

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