Crew Happiness

Crew members obviously are more than happy to work for a company  that gives them sureness of having the family supported.

Crew members enjoy very much to have an on board job further more when having the sureness seeing that the company is getting stronger and is giving signs of grow. Crew members are always more than happy to return to such company dough is the one that assure then that they will always have a job to keep their family going.

I’ve noticed crew members with more than 10 years working for ship’s company and they keep on saying, YES I will come back as long as the company accept and renew my contract, so my question to that crew members was why after 10 years still want to back and even for 10 more years or more?

This crew member response was; well the problem is that on board of cruise ships               (where this crew member works) I have been able to accomplished my Goals, even I have not spend much time with my family I rest assure they are happy 🙂 dough I work outside the country but my family is happy.

I am sure that, like this crew member there are plenty of them, “Happy ” not because of the job they are doing but, they are happy because of the company they are working for and for the happy family and accomplishment they have gotten from it.

Don’t you think so?



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