Crew Gratification

Can you answer this question?

When are the crew members willing to give everything for the Company?

I believe when and crew member feels appreciated and is well noted when everything he/she is doing it will be recognized somehow and at some point.

Most of the on board crew members are not because of the luxury of visiting different places, knowing different cultures and different people although is great you can do that while working on ships but, most of the crew members are on board because of the needs, it could be their needs, family needs or any other reason that involves the needs of making money, money they are not able to make on a land base job.

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Also having on mind that even dough is a good job compare with a land base one when you don’t have a professional carrier cause’ even you are not, you’re still making good money that you can send home to supply your family but, crew member likes to be recognized or their job well done, their effort and so on and, I mean they need money, they need to be recognized with money put on their hands, not with piece of paper that says you are the best one on the team for this week, for this moth or either for this year, I mean it’s fine to  give the ” Certificate” saying that but, that should go along with some other gratification from the Company to validate that, that a crew member could say thank you, I really needed this to keep my family going and believe me that will encourage a crew member to keep going and doing a great job and willing to give everything for the Company.

I am right guys?





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