Crew Expenses

Did you know that crew members gets into a lot of debts to be able to get all paper works ready to go on board? When a crew member gets the offer/opportunity to work on board ships then the expenses starts from there before even starts making money.

Crew members has to get ready the passport then the visa, the medical has to purchase the flight which as you all know the price will depend from where you are flying from, so with that being said when the crew member joins the ship, they do come on board with a lot of debts left behind pending to be paid, meaning that the 1st contract of the crew member is most likely to pay back debts.

In some cases depending on the crew member position on board he/she doesn’t have anything left to buy presents to take home for the love ones, in some other cases they don’t have money enough not even to stay back home for the 2 moths vacations given and some times three months vacation, so the crew member who just paid his/her debts will have to get into new debts to support the family and so on.

People think that crew member makes a lot of money, ” YES ” some does but, very few. Those are living their dreams, provably you would say but, maybe those work more,         ” No “, no necessarily because a crew member who works let say for example: A crew member who works in galley as galley stewards (dishwasher) makes 300% less than the one working within the same department, I don’t think it’s fair but, it all depends on the crew member perspective if they want to move up to a different position or not however I think is too much difference of salaries whatsoever. I am not saying that the other positions making 300% more salaries must go down I am saying that the lower salaries should be adjusted to higher so, when those crew member come on board for 1st time leaving so much debts behind are able to pay this and not having the needs to incur into new one.

Here is one question to all crew members reading this:

Do you think the ship’s/cruise ship’s Companies should pay all expenses to get the crew member on board at least for the very first time? would that be fare?

I leave that to you and your comments.



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