Crew Do Their Very Best

On board crew ensuring to have a job to come back to

Crew members are always trying to do their job to the best of their abilities, I know that because I have witnessed a lot of crew members having a terrible day because of issues encountered during the day however they have always make sure their job is priority to keep the business going and having income asurement.

Companies don’t really know when a crew member is having a tough day however the expectations are always the same or even better.

Crew member should me asked on a daily basis how is the day going? The policy is there in some companies however is not happening.

I believe that there should even be a drop box personal issues reporting to help that individual crew to go through the day and help them when necessary.

Crew members are afraid to loose their job and we all know the reason why, that’s why anonymously reporting issues will help to bring up issues on time to resolve them quickly.

Some companies has the tools in place to help the crew however when issue are reported the crew may be sent home with no pay with a chance to return however that is a chance of not being re-hired and that is the chance that a crew member do not wish to take.

Crew members sometimes are even afraid to approach a guest sometimes; Why?

The reason is because when a guest report something there is a 50% truth and 50% a lie however what ever is the reality the crew member has an 85% of loosing their job and that is the chance the Companies don’t actually wants to go through so they get rid of the poor crew.

That is a very valid reason for a crew member to hide from guests , believe me is not a thing of doing the right things is a matter of taking care of valuable crew.

To all my followers; is this true or not?

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