Crew Difficulties

Crew member go through a lot of difficulties while working on board the ships.

The 1st and hardest one is being away from the love ones. Do you think is easy to work onboard the ships, when you see all guests with families having fun, hugging, kissing their kids,  laughing with long time friends and so on? it might look easy but it’s NOT. Crew member has to leave all behind to go and work onboard even dough is an incredible  adventure you may be asking your self then why,? then don’t do it, stay home with family, but believe me there is a lot of us who wanted or either want to but, then we ask our self are they gonna go to the market with love to get food and all other needs? NOT right? then there is your answer of the.. why? question. Is one or the other and of course the father or the mother of a child prefer to be away for some time, come back a short time with some money and make sure the kids are doing fine that being away is worth it at some point.

Maybe some time after, the kids will ask why you were away from them for such long time? for sure you will try to give them an answer, however, you are hopping when they become adults, they will understand better. 🙁

I personally think that, crew members are not considerate valuable enough due to the fact that they have to leave family behind to dedicate their live to a ship’s company.

Crew must be considerate the must valuable workers in the word.. Imagine the Flight Attendant’s crew, they do work on a plane however they do see their family very, very often, without mentioning land base job’s employees.

And the fact is that at the end, most of the ship’s crew at the end of the carrier have nothing when retiring, because they spent it all in family education or either they were not able to make any saving due to the 2 or 3 sometimes 4 months vacation with no pay and there is no more option than spending their savings, it is hard when you see yourself into that situation.

Are Ship’s Crew members hard worker? Yes the harder workers in the world..That’s my opinion.

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