The Crew & the Company

Ship’s Companies are always trying hard to keep crew members happy so they don’t have to be re-hiring unless required for positions that can not be filled up from on board personnel however crew members on board always are in priority list when a position comes available cause you never know who is prepared enough currently on board and looking forward for the up-coming vacancies, with the said I think Companies value the crew member on board.

Crew members also get a lot of opportunities to have some fun on board and even ashore, crew members get the opportunity to go excursions and explore the ports/area paid by the crew at a very, very low price however organized by the Company which is an advantage because if something goes wrong they will have to wait for you 🙂

Crew members also get activities on board like crew parties to mention one among a huge activities calendar sent out weekly or monthly, so crew can prepare themselves in advance.

It keeps on amazing me how so many crew members gather to have some fun after work and,take a drink or just for chatting even for a while, and what most amaze me is that it doesn’t matter where you are from everyone interacts with each other somehow.

More of it, is also because the Companies teach us how to respect each other no matter what.. So big Kudos for them.


” Carlos!

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