Crew Appreciation Ideas

Crew members are more than aware that every company is after accomplishing their Goals however that does not take away the needs of showing some appreciation for what they do.

Crew member are hard workers and I could say more than any other workers in the world and I say that because crew member DO NOT get day off, crew members work 7 days a week for the entire contract either this is 2 months or 10 months without having one day of rest.

Now tell me, is it easy to work 11-13 for 8 or 10 straight months without one day of rest?

I  personally DO NOT think so, every one needs at least one day off a week however before joining the ships everyone know that they won’t have days off but crew take the chance of trying whatsoever.

It is very hard at first when a crew member join the ship and have to work 11-13 hrs a day and what makes it harder is that you’re far away from family who are anyway the one that encourage you to keep up but, on board crew knows how hard it is at first and support that new joiner.

That’s why Companies should appreciate crew members more often, crew members releases their stress with small things that does not cost millions but much worth it doing it.

Here are only some of the small things that Companies can do to make the crew member feel appreciated:

  1. All crew parties
  2. All crew dinner at one of the guest’s buffet restaurant ( with better quality of food ).
  3. All crew BBQ
  4. Crew tours
  5. Crew outside activities
  6. Crew free raffle ( small prices )

Do you have any other activity idea to add? feel free to do so.

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