Port Day 1


Here we go with our 1st port day,

When crew member hear the world port day everyone is happy even more after few days at sea for so many different reasons:

Could be because they will go out to eat better/testy food, finally will get their time off , provably because this is the port they will get a proper hair cut or because they will see families or girlfriend etc, etc, etc, there are so many reasons that I could go on and on for whole day…But guest are also happy due to the opportunity they have to explore the island/country with their booked excursions and so on..

While at port and guest ashore everyone is trying do what could not be done or complete while all the guests were on board, everyone is working together trying to accomplish the job planned before the guests come back on board, is really great and it amaze to see so many employees and even being different nationalities having in mind same target trying to get the same results ” Guest Satisfaction “.

Car Spray Painting Videos

” Carlos.

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