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Ship’s Crew are a great personnel

Ship’s crew are a great personnel to work with it doesn’t matter the nationality , gender, skin color or sexual preference everyone  RESPECT each other with no doubt.

Actually is a big kudos to those company that also provide training to the crew to make them aware that we must respect each other no matter what and is very much unethical not to. Crew members really take advantage of these training although it also open up their mid set and teaches them how important is to do so.

Crew members follow all Company Policy to they their very best to comply with it even dough there are some bad sheep or spoiled orange that want to get in the middle and provably spoiled some others but smarts companies knows and recognizes those , of course give them some time or a chance to change however if not there is no more choice than getting them off .

Crew members like living on board ships cause they get everything and go home every certain time it depends of their contract.

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