Happy Crew

I’ve noticed that even you’ve worked a lot of hours on board the ships there is always something that helps you to keep Smiling. What’s that?

While you’re walking through the corridors provably you feel sad for some reason or tired, however, at some point you see someone with a big smile 🙂 on his/her and says       ” Hi” from that moment on it doesn’t matter how you’re filling but, it automatically makes you smile them back and that’s so nice to see on board, you’ll always fine someone who cheers you up in some way even without them noticing, just with a simple smile :).

Crew members could be passing through such hard day/time without mentioning any, anything that happens within your family and you are not near to share the bad moments, the pain or even the happiness put you a bit down whatsoever, however as mentioned before when you see someone with a big smile that greets you 🙂 is a very nice thing to see.

I admire all crew members that are on board that, even dough having a tough day they are still smiling, I’ve even asked some of the co-workers how can you be like that the whole day and/or the entire contract?

Do you want to know the answers?


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