Going into Port

It’s amazing to see when the ship is reaching or going into ports for docking, while approaching you can see how beautiful the islands/countries looks like with all lights on and so on.

You can actually find a lot of guests/crew on the open decks taking pictures for memories and show to family and friends.

While I wait for the time to come and start my duty I also go to the open deck to see the beautiful sun rising and feel the fresh freeze on my face.

Guests and sometimes crew members wait inpatient for the shell gate/ gangway to open and put their feet on the particular island or country which they were dreaming to visit, which provable they heard a lot wonderful things, 90% of the times the weather condition in the Caribbean is great for excursions and even if you only want to take a walk and visit some other areas.

Crew members are just waiting to finish their duties to go outside and have some little fun to then come back on board and start working again, working on ships is great due to you get to know a lot of places, ( travel the world ) but is a lot to be done while working on ships.

” Carlos.

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