Embarkation Day

Embarkation ( turnaround) day is the most busiest day of the week, everybody is rushing to complete the job on time for many different reasons, could be because you want to go back to sleep although you are tired from the night before and, got up early due to the ship’s cleaning and inspection’s preparation, maybe because you want to go outside for shopping because you actually don’t get much free time due to the nature of the job or you have to rush to the next step to get the ship ready for the up coming guest as well..etc, etc. etc., so many reasons to be busy that I could go and on…However I would like to know your thoughts.

It’s amazing to see so many people involved this process and everyone is focus on their duties also in safety around the ship due to all loading and forklifts jobs related taking place, It’s just great!

Ganando Con Las Redes


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